Now a Hero comes along

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Now a Hero comes along

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Like the song says – dreams are hard to follow. But a company once known as High-Tech Computer, now HTC cast their fears aside and is releasing a new smart phone called the Hero. Like Blackberry from RIM and that other well known phone, Hero has the strength to carry on. It will handle e-mails, pictures, text messages and more. But its big selling point is a user-interface called “Sense” that sort of has its own sense, so to speak. “Sense” is intuitive, letting you access all your user files through your phone’s contact list rather than requiring that you switch from one application to another.
And while the name HTC may have seemed to come out of nowhere, they’ve been around, sort of like the backup singer in the band who plays second fiddle to the star until she tires of the background role, and decides to go on American Idol to seek her own fortunes. The company HTC, based in Taiwan already makes smart phones for other companies – one of every six sold in the U.S.
Old school techies will recognize the name Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), a major player in 1980s computing that eventually became part of the HP empire. Peter Chou, a leading member of the HTC team began his career as an engineer with DEC. After DEC, he and others founded HTC to build laptops. But that idea was a loser. And we have no idea whether he felt like hope was gone, or if he looked inside and felt strong. We believe it’s possible that he cast his fears aside and knew he could survive and we also know that he definitely must have been singing – A Hero lies in you. And actually, we don’t have any clue whether Mr. Chou listens to Mariah Carey songs for inspiration. We just think it’s fun to connect them.

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