Now there’s a remote controlled ball

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It is highly likely that no human invention has come close to delivering on fun and interesting variations than the humble ball. And now in our high tech world, the latest thing is a remote controlled ball. Well actually it’s a sphere, hence the name Sphero which is ultimately a ball that can be controlled remotely. But in an updated take on the remote, Sphero is controlled from a smartphone. Sphero came into being as the people at Orbotix set out in search of a method to use smartphones as a remote control device. After much brainstorming they arrived at the idea of a high tech ball. As it turns out, much high technology is require to get the ball rolling – so to speak. While a body in motion might stay in motion, any couch potato knows the body can require a little push. 

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In the case of Sphero, a built-in motor controls wheels that push the ball around. Orbotix released five apps for the Sphero. The most interesting of these is Draw N’ Drive which allows users to draw diagrams on their smartphone screens and watch Sphero drive around the “course.” SpheroCam is an app that lets you record your Sphero in motion so you can upload it to your social network of choice and it might just become viral. Orbotix also released their Sphero SDK so that creative minds everywhere might get in on the action, creating apps for Sphero. Sphero could be the next big thing in smartphone entertainment or it could be just another interesting toy. Though at $130, it’s not just a stocking stuffer.

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  1. I’ve seen quite a few bad reviews of the Sphero. It seems WAY too expensive for a ball that just rolls around. Maybe sometime in the future some developer will find an innovative use for it. However, right now my money could be much better spent on something else.