Offbeat explanation of earphone science

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Have you ever wondered how those little earphones manage to send out such awesome sound? And if you did, did you log in to a science site to figure it out. There you were learning about sound waves and the vibration in your ear drums. Then some of us went off track, deciding to have fun with it. What if we re-imagined this technology as a soap opera? Say, merge How it Works with GeneralHospital. This is how it would go.

It begins with a very popular Crossdresser (crossover circuit) overwhelmed with clothing from various designers. He quickly divides up all the finery (audio signal) into several piles (frequency ranges) which he takes to four different consignment shops (speakers). Consignment shop owners and clients are agog at such fantastic finery.

In each shop, shoppers with curly, red hair (copper coils) squeal (send electromagnetic signals) with excitement upon discovering the designer duds. But somewhere in the backroom, an aspiring acrobat (armature) is balancing on a fragile beam (magnetic field) held up by kids from a soccer team. The team is startled by the squeal and the acrobat almost tips over. In a fit of anger, he directs the team to throw all the designer clothes out the windows (apparatus pushes air).

Soccer moms (sound tubes) who are waiting outside, descend on the piles of clothes (sound waves) being thrown out the window. One (sound tube) grabs the dresses (high frequencies), another the shoes (low frequencies) and the white shirts and black pants (mid-range frequencies) end up together. They decide to assemble the various piles (mix treble and bass) into cool outfits (music).

They hire a designer (acoustic filter) for the prevention of ugly get-ups (interference between high and low frequency). Pretty soon there are beautiful outfits. Then begins the pushing, shoving and backstabbing for the best outfits. Well, that last part is pure soap opera. Okay so technology isn’t totally like a soap opera because most of the time technology makes sense and soap operas don’t really have to. And that Crossdresser? He’s getting more clothes.

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