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By now we’ve all been inundated with the numerous ways that social media have changed the face of marketing. Out in the wide world of Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, even the Poptart has its own Facebook page with scads of followers. But not every business needs to aim for hundreds of thousands of Followers and Friends. Digital marketing gurus emphasize that companies marketing primarily to other businesses can derive benefits from fewer followers. What they need are a few key followers rather than numerous members of the general public who cannot buy their products.
From packaging material for consumer goods to promotional materials, restaurant and hospital supplies, companies in these businesses would benefit more from engaging persons who can act as agents of change rather than from promoting their brands to consumers. The audience might be small but it is still important to get messages out through Twitter and Facebook even if the targeted group can be counted on fingers and toes. Purchasing office equipment or choosing the best packaging and shipping contracts are more complex than deciding which DVD to rent.
Businesses marketing to other businesses benefit more from seeking out highly targeted “friends” and “followers” in their social networks. Short amusing messages may appear to gain traction in the short run but soon enough the next funny thing comes along and all the friends follow. In the business to business world, it’s more important to disseminate good information with long terms goals in mind. But it’s also important to utilize the most current tools.

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