Old-school agency can go digital

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Old-school agency can go digital

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Who has one million Facebook fans? Probably a lot of people but it is unexpected when Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts makes that list. A post about Wildberry Pop-Tart’s 2010 resolution to try out for the football team generated more than 240 comments. Beyond Pop-Tarts, Kellogg’s Froot Loops has its own web page where visitors can play games. Okay, they’re mainly pre-school games but, such is the digital life of the Biggs-Gilmore Advertising agency which has evolved from its 1973 old-school world into a digital agency, ready to take advantage of social media marketing.
Any advertising agency can go digital, says Andy Gould, creative director at Biggs-Gilmore which handles the Kellogg’s account. Gould isn’t expecting your company to carbon copy their idea, creating an imaginary life for your products but rather to find what works best as you move into the digital space. On the way to the digital road, you need to move past the fear and blow up your existing traffic system to find a workflow process that, well, works for you. Include everybody early on in the game to get the best ideas, and most of all keep your project managers for they know best how to stay on task and in budget.
For anyone thinking that going digital means throwing out the old-school art directors in favor of Tweeters and more tech-savvy staff, Gould begs to differ. Instead, the best strategy is to merge the old and new, taking advantage of traditional experience and knowledge while learning the new technology. And when you meet with clients, Gould wants you to bring your IT people along just in case the client asks technical questions. And in the process, he probably recommends you try a Pop-Tart or two – it will make you smarter. Studies show the brain requires a constant supply of glucose for optimized performance.

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