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In the eyes of the casual observer, graphic design is just another pretty space on an appropriate medium. But get a couple of scholars on the case and it becomes much more. At the vaunted Rochester Institute of Technology in Upstate New York, the academics have spoken. And they have said that graphic design isn’t just something to look at. Analyze it through different lens and you’ll soon discover it is history, culture, art, philosophy and psychology all rolled up into one glorious canvas. This is why they assembled the Graphic Design Archive, so that all future typographers and designers may look at the works of those who went before them in awe and inspiration.
The archive consists of “significant” American graphic artists from the 1920s to the 1050s, which is just 30 years but those were the three decades before digital technology would pretty much change the face of typography and every other aspect of design. The archives contain a wealth of materials including original sketches, architectural models and more. The archives also show how women slowly came into the world of graphic design, often working at women’s magazines. Stop to consider the tools or lack of them in this era and the works are fun, interesting and impressive

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