Onavo Extend app: More search, less usage

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If you’ve ever traveled with your smartphone, and who hasn’t, you know that even a small bit of roaming grinds up your data plan beyond your means. But the people behind the Onavo Extend App believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Why must data that you’re not really using eat up your plan and leave you out of luck at a critical moment? The people behind Onava Extend decided to remedy that with their app. The app for Android and iPhone grabs data from the Web and compresses it before sending the data to your device. It like those clothing bags where the user vacuums out the air to fit more stuff in a smaller space – except that data isn’t really like clothes. The app is connected to Onavo’s servers which then connects to the Internet before routing the data to you. This process is said to “effortlessly extend your data plan,” and by extension it leaves your wallet less bare.

With the Onavo Extend app, users can theoretically consume five times less data than without the app. How would you know this? The app tells you so with its data usage reports, and it even includes an Onavo Fun Facts section which could inform you that Onavo helps you stay within your data usage limits. The app saves data usage by removing the formatting from emails to a text-only format, it sets image quality to medium, and it reduces your data use for your social media accounts. Of course Onavo Extend isn’t just an app for roaming, people with tiered data plans can also use it to stay within their limits. And even without Onavo Extend, you consume less data when you view web pages in their mobile version. Usually, the web “senses” that you’re using a mobile device and allows you to choose.

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