Orange, you in the know?

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Orange, you in the know?

Published on February 24, 2017 with No Comments

Juicy news from the world of Orange, says pretty soon, everyone in America will know its name. What? You say? Don’t we already know of the orange? Banisher of the common cold and the somewhat uncommon scurvy? Possessor of essential oils for perfumes and cooking? Able to transform itself into candied peel? Useful in roasted form as a poultice for skin diseases? Don’t we already know this? And if that’s what you say, then you surely have not tuned in to Journal du Geek – say it with a French accent. Beyond the borders of the contiguous United States, Orange is the French equivalent of Comcast, though it’s been said before and it will be said again – comparisons are difficult. But, the folks at Orange no longer want to confine themselves to France because telecom is global. So they’re coming to an iPhone near you.
Orange wants to make its presence felt in the U.S. market with its very own iPhone app that improves on the iPhone’s standard voicemail capability. Yes, someone saw an Apple product and envisioned an improvement. The app of which we speak will allow users to leave customized greetings for specific callers. To a clueless caller, the voicemail greeting will be generic but to a customer or a loved one, there’s something specific like a notice that you’re on vacation, or working on their project. It’s like the Emperor’s clothes – except that the clothes are real. For all who wonder why a French company would want to launch it’s app in an English speaking country, it turns out that size matters. The U.S. has the largest concentration of iPhone users.

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