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So you’ve lost your tenth charger and your laptop’s almost out of battery and you’ve just barely made it to your gate for your flight to Timbuktu. And in these harried moments you left your book somewhere and now you’ll not only be bored, but you’ll never know how the story ends. You wish you could call someone to commiserate but you’ve ditched your international voice-data plan for being too expensive. Okay, so all this stuff doesn’t happen to you all at once but it could and then what will you do?
The answer for you could very well be to simplify with more streamlined gadgetry. Instead of carrying the charger, get the charger that carries. A solar-powered laptop bag from Voltaic not only stores your laptop but it charges your gear. In your bag which doubles as a generator you would then add your Kindle, where your e-book is downloaded. Instead of hunting for Wi-Fi, get your own Wi-Fi halo through one of the cell phone companies. And when traveling overseas, skip the expensive data plan. Instead you can swap out your phone’s SIM card and pick one up at those ubiquitous kiosks all around Europe. And soon enough you’re traveling lighter through the digital age.
The Voltaic bag gives you instant “green” street cred for being made from recycled materials including soda bottles, one more reason to have a Coke. The bag’s solar panel generates up to 15 watts and the battery pack can charge a laptop. Though not all laptops. If you’ve got a Sony Vaio or a Toshiba, sorry, you’ll have to wait for the technology to catch up. Of course, if your travel is mainly to the Boundary Waters once a year, you should leave your technology at home – all the better for listening to those loons from a canoe on a placid stream. It is thought that technology and water don’t mix – yet.

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