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Are wealthy people less likely to be terrorists? If you spend time listening to Google chief, Eric Schmidt, you might come away with this thought. While wealthy people may famously crash a party or two, they aren’t thought to be a threat except for the imagined scenarios of others behaving like them. Party crashing aside, Schmidt believes that the world will be a better (read safer) place for you and me – if we all think of our fellow humans around the world and lend them a helping hand. It’s just not enough to think only of physical borders anymore because the digital age has erased such boundaries.
The Google chief in a conversation with Newsweek International editor, Zakaria says that with the rest of the world gaining education and wealth, wars will be less likely and a good time could be had by all. Look around, says Zakaria and the world is changing. The tallest building is in Taiwan. The emerging multi-national corporate powers are in Asia and South America. The world’s largest Ferris wheel, yes Ferris wheel – invented by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. is in Singapore. The world’s biggest plane is built in Russia. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but the world’s largest casino has not stayed there, it is in Macao.
Whether or not we can all learn to love each other across borders, religions and ideology is another question. But we can no longer compartmentalize the world into political, technological, socio-economic and cultural segments. Rather than hang about in the tech world digitizing newspapers and books and creating a digital library, geeks should also be contemplating world peace. And Schmidt, who famously advises the President, could be a chief contemplator on these matters. On the bright side, Schmidt said that Google erases your data after the federally mandated timeline for keeping it expires. Google is protecting our privacy.

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