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It’s a tree trunk. It’s a bench. It’s both. The chair backs are bronze and it costs $15,700. But the artist Jurgen Bey doesn’t believe in expending resources transporting tree trunks. So what you get is a collection of chair backs. Add your own tree trunk – fallen or chopped.
Most people would request that you don’t hit the chair. And why should you, especially if the chair did not hit you first. But here’s an artist, Marjin van der Poll who has designed the Do Hit Chair. For around $6,000 you get a cube of metal and a hammer. Keep hitting and eventually it will become a chair. But if you’re more traditional, you can request a pre-hit chair. Make that pre-formed chair.
Who says a radiator should look like, um, a radiator? Not Jorik Larman. He designed one that is more decorative. And it can be yours for somewhere between $4,000 and $10,000, heating bill to be paid separately.
Wine glasses are for wine, and door bells are for announcing the guests who will bring and drink the wine. But Peter van der jagt combined the two ideas and arrived at this door bell where metal strikes “bottoms-up” wine glasses to sound the arrival of guests. Not known if a moment of desperation drove anyone to drink from the glasses – which would have to be ripped from their moorings and upturned, so to speak.
Yes, granny’s lace collection inspired a new take on the chain link fence. Designer Joep Verhoeven is having these manufactured in Bangalore, India. Not known when they will appear at your neighborhood home improvement store.

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