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True outside-the-box thinking took over when a creative group charged with assembling an unusual advertising for Yellow Pages in New Zealand went into the forest and up a redwood tree. Sure, all sorts of folk will claim to have originated artistic tree houses long before such a venture. But this one takes the cake in a somewhat literal way. It’s a restaurant. Someone noted that Yellow Pages claims that it can deliver anything and that’s where the project began.

Could it deliver a restaurant in a tree? The project’s manager, Tracey Collins sourced all the materials through the New Zealand’s Yellow Pages, online and in printed form. Who other than the Tasmanian Devil knew that the Yellow Pages guy was in New Zealand? Either way, it is not truly a way out concept to search for building materials in a directory that lists businesses. Isn’t that the purpose of directories in the first place? The way out idea is the really the design. It catches attention for being something few have imagined.


The building, an open oval form tied around the tree was constructed with poplar and redwood slats. There’s an acrylic covering to keep out the rain while letting in the light. And even there in the forest, the split level restaurant required building permits because if you have a restaurant, the customers need to be safe. The bathrooms and kitchen are really at ground level, presumably to keep water from pouring down on hikers. And ultimately, such an unusual design has attracted much publicity for Yellow Pages New Zealand and all affiliated with the design.

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