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Internet baggage could be like emotional baggage, the psychological effects of an excessive digital life. But it isn’t. The latest thing about the Internet is that you can now pack it in a suitcase and take it anywhere. Well, to be clear, maybe not everyone can do this but it does bring an entirely new mindset to the world of Internet connectivity. While the Internet recently became a human right, we noted that it isn’t equally guaranteed to all. But also, in times of turmoil, governments can shut down access in an effort to squelch the rights of the citizenry to broadcast their experiences and opinions. That’s because there are main international data lines that can be shut down.
However, as we also noted here, there is the Mesh which has numerous links, some of which can circumvent the main data lines. In practice, a “suitcase” with a computer full of software and hardware that can connect to through a variety of networks and satellites can quickly provide Internet connectivity where the main lines are cut off from public access. Going even further, the Internet in a suitcase could be dropped from a plane or a Black Hawk helicopter, as needed. And can you even imagine the next movie on this?

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