Pantone marries the iPhone

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It could be the perfect match or the match made in Heaven or it could be the color of money or …well you get the picture. Designers everywhere can celebrate the marriage of the world’s color authority to the world’s app authority in the form of myPANTONE. The folks at Pantone think of it as a digital, portable design studio in the pockets of designers. No more cumbersome guides. No more guessing games about the true type of any given color. Take a photo with your iPhone and match it to the closest Pantone colors.
It was of course the Pantone folks who popularized molten orange as a sought after color that now adorns all sorts of products including the Ford’s new F-150. And it isn’t easy work. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a color psychic in the backrooms of the Pantone headquarters who predicts the next hot color trend. Though this could be a pretty efficient method. Instead their people fan out across the globe into markets, neighborhoods, trade shows and even movie houses to find popular colors.
Last spring they checked out the runways where Super Lemon, Pantone number 14-0754 was thought to bring a fun, optimistic outlook, with its luminosity determined to evoke a smile. On an interesting note, brown used to be a somewhat scorned color due to its resemblance to mud. Then along came Starbucks and fine chocolates and suddenly brown was a glorious thing to behold. This fall they favor red, purple and honey yellow. Among their top ten for the upcoming spring season are tomato puree, aurora and turquoise. But for the top favorite color of all time, Americans are into blue. Blue Man group? Eyes of blue? Violets? Blue Dog Democrats? The little blue … well let’s just leave it there.
Here is a video unrelated to color.

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