Perks or productivity tools?

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Perks or productivity tools?

Should they be doing that in this economy? And the “that” in this case could be anything from corporate meetings in pricey vacation spots, to ostentatious shareholder meetings, to riding around in the corporate jet. It was the jet trip scolding heard around the world that sticks in any given person’s head. Why did the automakers go to Washington in three corporate jets while seeking a bailout? Why was a bank with bailout money, in the market for a jet? With these images in mind, came round after round of corporate austerity plans, leaving other businesses scratching their heads.

With the knee bone connected to the thigh bone, and the thigh bone connected to the hip bone .. well you get the picture – all that austerity hurts business. Once the swag bags were emptied, the meetings in Vegas disassembled, and the corporate jets grounded, the business impact snowballed. Everyone from bartenders and waiters to pilots and groundskeepers were suddenly losing their jobs for lack of business. Then they were losing their homes for lack of paychecks.

Nowadays open your business magazine and it’s not only the articles but the advertisements that tell the story. Golf courses want you to know that they aren’t just leisure zones, business is done there. General George Marshall came up with his famous plan at the Pinehurst Golf resort. Texas means business and Wisconsin is the state of innovation. The hard hit, private aircraft industry wants it known that far from being the villain, it is the conduit to business. Just one private jet company in New Jersey has a $50 million payroll.

It isn’t known where this is headed. Will Main Street allow corporate executives back on their private jets without an uprising? Can swag makers, golf courses, posh conference facilities and all their suppliers count on business coming back soon? Can Paris Hilton get business back to Hilton hotels? For now, we’re with Mandy Dalton who performed at a mall that went bankrupt without paying her. She’s a clown. She falls on her butt to make kids laugh. She should get paid for that. In times like these we need the clowns.

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