Picking up speed on the infomercial highway

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Published on February 25, 2015 with No Comments

We were wondering – How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Okay, we weren’t. We were wondering – How do you sell to Carnegie Hall? And the answer could very well be, infomercial, infomercial, infomercial. Yes, too many syllables but, set to the right rhythm, you could dance to it. With infomercial notable, Billy Mays going celebrity, this line of the ad business is suddenly big news.

While general advertising revenue is down, infomercial advertising is up by as much as nine percent. Billy Mays, not to be confused with baseball great, Willie Mays, once sold 6,000 bottles of Orange Glo in 8 minutes on a shopping network. So much for the new conventional wisdom that advertising should be concise and precise in light of the withering attention span. The public spends nearly $100 billion on home gyms, cleaning products, magical kitchen wares and other stuff seen in infomercials.

All the while, the infomercial hasn’t exactly occupied the highest rung on the advertising status ladder, but folks are watching. It would seem that more than a few people are sitting at home cuddled up in their Snuggies, eyeballs trained on infomercials. Well, except for the hot crowd on Miami’s South Beach . We imagine them to be waiting for an infomercial about swimwear. Maybe we’re all waiting for an infomercial about swimwear. As usual we’re watching this trend, contemplating the many ways to skin a cat.

But wait. There’s more. If you were to purchase an infomercial, you would go to an infomercial brokerage company. Who knew? And what would you pay for such a spot? Most people would pay millions. But a special offer from an obscure cable channel at a very odd hour could cost just $50 – if you act in the next ten minutes. And we’re thinking, maybe they’ll throw in a 30 second spot and a banner ad for free.

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