Pinterest: The old way is new again

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By now the popularity of Pinterest is legendary. Just going by the headlines, Pinterest could be the Number 3 social network in the U.S. Its growth is meteoric. It makes a case for visualization. Perhaps one in every five women uses Pinterest and we might all take note and perhaps find ways to tap into this “surging popularity.” Come on people everywhere, let’s all find our “Pinfluence.” It’s a measure not only of our popularity on Pinterest but it also assigns a value to each of our pins. By now, we need not explain that Pinterest is the “virtual pinboard” that lets us organize and share beautiful things that we find on the web. As a social network it possibly rivals Facebook.

But what exactly are we sharing on our pinboards? It seems that 30 percent of the people share recipes and thoughts about recipes – Crock pot rotisserie chicken, crock pot ribs and crock pot mashed potatoes, all not to be confused with crack pots which are not widely discussed and shared on the Pinterest social network. Other than discussing the site itself, many also share thoughts on the ease of organizing, event planning and crafting via Pinterest. However, there is also much whining about technical issues, spam email and the way Pinterest just seems to vacuum up a person’s disposable minutes. Additionally, it’s not easy to translate pinboard pins into dollars unless you’re a big retailer with a high pinfluence rating.

So what’s the secret behind this social network’s popularity? As it turns out, the Pinterest CEO believes that it’s less about digital age algorithms and more about just old fashioned, “grassroots marketing.” They held meet-ups at local boutiques and actively campaigned for the attention of bloggers. They worked at holding “real conversations” about creative projects and possibly recipes from pinfluential people. Ultimately, Pinterest isn’t so much about the technology but about connecting with others – just like the good old days.

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