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You’re minding your own business along an Atlanta street and you come across a green, round topiary with a five-foot tall, red, afro pick. What do you do? You might merely wonder about it. You might steal it. You might take a photo of it and text or Tweet it to your friends and followers. You might set it as your Facebook status. Whatever you do, it’s exactly what the people behind the giant, afro pick had in mind. The afro picks inserted in round topiaries were actually ads for the play, “Cuttin’ Up,” which is about African-American barbershop culture – back in 2007. They could have simply bought advertising space in a newspaper or a billboard. But the giant, red picks stood out. They caught the attention of the general public and generated much press. All of which led to higher ticket sales.
This unusual approach to marketing is one of numerous examples of unconventional, advertising genius appearing in the book, “Guerrilla Advertising 2.” And yes, there was a previous version, except it was called “Guerrilla Advertising,” without the 1. In both books, the author illustrates that the best ads don’t just get noticed, rather, they are widely discussed, sometimes stolen, may generate a bit of controversy and in some cases, they may annoy people or authorities. Most of all, the best ads are easily shared via social media and they generate news coverage. All of this ultimately causes people to open their wallets, which is what all ads should do.

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