Popcorn and a Blu-ray player please

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Around the cyber water cooler, which is really the only water cooler still in existence, discussion is often about Blu-ray players and their features. A few members of the water cooler group are waiting either for prices to come down or for Blu-ray to fall by the wayside so they can skip over one entire phase of technology. This group puzzles us. For now we’re evaluating our options for viewing the Matrix tenth Anniversary edition in Blu-ray.

Of all things, the Sony Playstation 3, which came into the world with much buzz about its phenomenal graphics, has emerged as a top ranked Blu-ray player. We had no idea that we wanted to do our gaming and movie watching on the same machines. Perhaps we should be checking out possibilities for viewing cartoons on the Wii.

But wait. The Life is Good people, not to be outdone in the features department are updating as well. Their newest offerings include the BD390 and BD370, which are “networked” and offer Netflix streaming on the Internet. Plus they’re wireless, making Ethernet seem so confining. The LG stuff is also receiving props for stylishness, and speed, three times faster than some of its rivals. Just for good measure they’ve thrown in the ability to view YouTube videos as well.

We feel so utterly spoiled with all this capacity when we only set out to view our Blu-ray discs. That’s the problem with features. One day you’re thinking it’s pretty cool that you get to watch movies in your home with awesome sound and the next minute you can’t live without several dozen features. We’re still waiting for the Blu-ray player that will make the popcorn and serve us Skittles.

Meanwhile, we look forward to watching the Matrix in Blu-ray. Additionally, the package includes commentary from noted scholar, Dr. Cornel West who wants us to look beneath the special effects for deeper meanings. Hmm. A movie with deep thoughts. Let the note taking begin.

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