Professional grade photos with phones and apps

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Conventional wisdom used to be that professional photographers, their equipment and software are superior to the amateurish products turned out from iPhones and their accompanying apps. But as apps become more sophisticated, professional grade photography is increasingly accomplished with iPhones and apps. Of course it’s not just iPhones as just about every phone worth its calling plan has a camera. There are more than 10, 000 photo apps and growing. Dedicated photographers are likely to have around 25 photo apps on their phones with absolute fanatics admitting to having around 90 of these on their devices.

Among all the photo apps, Camera+ is probably the most popular with millions of downloads. Some reviewers believe it turns the ordinary iPhone camera into a high-quality digital camera – except the iPhone really isn’t so ordinary. Among all of Camera+ capabilities, its Clarity feature is highly respected for finding the edges of objects in a photo and making them sharper. This app is also great for tweaking colors, using filters and effects and sharing. Doctor Popular, whose work has attracted a following on Instagram recommends that when the filter is used it should be dialed down about 25 percent for best results.

Of course, with more than 10,000 apps the choices are almost endless but some apps are more useful than others. LightTrac is an app for iPhone and iPad that helps you figure out the position of the sun and moon, which is a useful whether or not you’re using the camera in these devices. AutoStitch is an app that pretty much does what its name implies, allowing photographers to create panoramic shots. Similar results can also be achieved with Photosynth. The Average camera pro app shoots up to 128 photos in a row then calculates the average picture out of these. The best results from this app are achieved with a tripod. And well, there are thousands more but this is a good start.

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