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Do gamers watch cat videos? Perhaps. But the people at IGN believe gamers want more than cats and cute babies from their YouTube experience. Gamers want “shows” they can relate to. And now they can have that, thanks to Start, a YouTube Channel launched by IGN – which by the way is also owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The new channel will feature content that mimics the fare on traditional broadcast media. In the vein of say, “Good Morning America,” Start will have “Up at Noon with Greg Miller” where the content will include news, views and more about games and the gaming industry. But that doesn’t mean anyone has to actually watch it at noon because it’s online. There will also be a show about gadgets, and game shows – about gaming, but so far, no promises of videos with gaming cats.

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With this the Start Channel has positioned itself to attract advertising dollars away from traditional media outlets. It promises to deliver the coveted 18-34 year old male demographic. IGN claims a worldwide reach of over 40 million “unique visitors.” For millions of men, it claims to be the “authoritative voice,” on matters of gaming, entertainment and culture. The promise is that brands advertising on this channel will find a loyal, “purchase-ready” viewership. Additionally, the company believes that its channel guarantees “safe” content for advertisers as opposed to the unknown and variable fare uploaded by the common people – for whom YouTube was originally founded.

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