Protect Your Facebook Photos With McAfee Social Protection App

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McAfee’s latest Facebook app, called McAfee Social Protection, lets users create protected Facebook albums that are viewable only to the users they choose to share with. The app is now officially in beta, which means you can check it out right now using your Facebook account.

To install the app, you must first allow it to access your Facebook account. It asks for access to your basic info, which includes any public information on your profile, as well as access to your About You section and your photos (naturally).

Though the photos you upload to McAfee Social Protection are not technically uploaded to Facebook — they’re stored on a secure McAfee/Intel server — you will see new albums pop up in your Facebook photos. Your friends will also see these albums, but they will only be able to see fuzzy versions of the pictures unless they’ve been invited to view the album (and they have McAfee Social Protection Installed).

People who can see the pictures will not be able to take screenshots using the Print Screen button or the Windows Snipping Tool, thanks to McAfee’s Photo Viewer software. The software grays out the screen when you try to take a screenshot.

McAfee points out that, while this will not stop a truly determined photo vandal from nabbing your pictures (after all, you can always use a physical camera or phone to actually snap a shot of the screen), it will help discourage sharing by creating a roadblock.

If you’re one of those people who likes to upload photos to Facebook — but you don’t love the idea of your photos being out there forever — you should check it out. Remember, this is the beta version, so there are some issues. Mainly, it only works on Windows 7, you must have the Aero theme turned on, and you can’t delete any photos from the app (but you can delete photos from your Facebook photos page). McAfee says they’re currently working on releasing a version for Mac OS X, but they don’t know when it will be available.

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