Pushing the envelope with digital art

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Arrested Expansion or Cardiac Arrest

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Art for art’s sake has taken on a variety of roles throughout history. From delivering religious messages, to confronting the ideals of the time, to merely pushing the way in which we think about space and our own existence, art has continued to develop to track human development.  In the modern day, our ability to digitally manipulate images and create fantastical new ideas is a reflection of the control that we seem to have on our world, and conversely, of the fact that originality is fast disappearing. Thankfully, digital technology has opened up a whole new world for the creative mind.

Digital art encompasses a variety of genres and fields. From animation to re-worked, enhanced photographic imagery, we have discovered a new frontier in the art world that is helping us to get closer to full visual expression of our imagination. The fact that digital art can also incorporate our aural senses makes the sensory impact of experiencing this kind of art that much more alluring, and millions of people across the world seem to have embraced it. Whether you have an interest in producing digital art and showcasing your talent, or merely having a look at what’s out there, there are a few things that you absolutely need to do.


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Join a community

Budding digital artists can only benefit and evolve if they are aware what other artists are producing. There are massive online communities where you can showcase your work, and sites like deviantart.com are a great way to engage with this new media. digitalart.org is also a huge community where you can submit your work and have it viewed by others. The benefit of digital art is that it is so easy to reproduce online, so you can spread your work quickly and easily. Most sites that showcase digital art have quite strict copyright and reproduction laws so you don’t need to worry about the integrity and misrepresentation of your work.

The second aspect of getting involved in digital art is to showcase your work on your own. The internet is a massive platform, and you never know who’s looking, so create a blog for yourself so that you can show off your artistic development.

Stay up to date

"planetary fusion"

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You cannot expect to create the most amazing imagery if your technology is holding you back. Older programs have their benefits, but keeping your software up to date will help you to produce the best work possible.

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