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So you’ve had a bad day and your blue skies are fading to grey. So what if: You gave yourself a treat just to lift your spirits? Turn off your phone and stay in your pajamas? Embrace your inner crab and let your feelings out? What if you take a break from all those burdensome responsibilities? Never do today, what can be done tomorrow – right? So, will any of those strategies lead you to greater happiness? Surprise, surprise! Word from the Happiness Project says those are the very things that can lead to even more unhappiness. That previously mentioned treat is often something that’s bad for you. Staying in bed is even worse. Postpone your responsibilities and they become even more burdensome, with less time. And being crabby? Well that doesn’t help either. Sigh.
William Butler Yeats famously said, “Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.” Whether from growth in a sport, growth in a job, growing things, growing people, it all causes our happiness index to grow bigger. And it’s really just a myth that happy people are annoying. While misery loves company, company doesn’t really love misery. Company is drawn to happy people because happiness can rub off. Such musings from the Happiness Project could be the key to lightening spirits and turning toward a more celebratory mood. But not necessarily for everyone – that’s where good friends and professional help come in.

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