Putting Twitter to work for you

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Putting Twitter to work for you

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When Ashton Kutcher famously reached a million followers on Twitter, it seemed like we were on to something. But it turns out your number of Twitter followers doesn’t really mean much. It is especially not an indicator of your brand’s strength. So says Gregory Galant who runs Sawhorse Media, a group that wants to help you negotiate the finer points of Twitter for effective marketing that’s long on creativity and short on words. It’s clear to Galant and others that without some kind of sorting Twitter is just a collection of short statements that in any one example can be meaningless.
Sawhorse Media basically organizes Twitter content for easy sorting. It operates a number of web sites that help you find Twitter content in categories. Want to know what journalists are Tweeting? Visit Muckrack.com. Once there you can sift through content according to your favorite news outlet or topic. Inkpill is a collection of Tweets from designers on Twitter while EasyLOL is where you could literally LOL with such news outlets as The Onion.
One of the newest ventures, so to speak on the Sawhorse site is Muck Rack’s one line press release. At one dollar per character and a fifty dollar minimum, you can announce your company’s news in one sentence. They promise to prominently display it to catch the attention of those all too busy journalists. The Wonderful Pistachio people used a one line press release to link to their site and generate buzz for their brand. And if Oprah is looking through the one line press releases then who knows?
Galant believes that it is possible for businesses and agencies not affiliated with Twitter to make money on Twitter with the right strategy. The key is to go beyond the traditional metrics. Instead of tweets about your product, track re-tweets. Count brand mentions in both positive and negative light. Companies from Dell to Comcast and Freshbooks are thought to be effectively using Twitter as a marketing tool.

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