Quantum dots leap to LEDs

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Fans of LED lighting are often thought to be staunch environmentalists extolling the virtues of such an energy efficient light source. How can anyone not see the wisdom of replacing those energy hogging incandescent bulbs with something that promises to save fuel? But it’s no secret that the LED has its fair share of detractors. Oh say, can you see the blinding brightness? This is no dawn’s early light. It’s harsh and it’s cold and could it be good for your eyes? But now detractors need not fear the invasion of the LED because the quantum dot is here to the rescue. And just for the record a quantum dot is not necessarily the minimum unit of a dot – though it could be.
A quantum dot has excitons which are said to be a bound state of an electron and a hole which are attracted to each other by the Coulomb force. And, well, if you’re not a physicist, who really cares? In practical terms, quantum dots are tiny, light-emitting crystals. Innovators at QD Vision have devised a process of coating conventional LEDs with a thin film of quantum dots. Such coating coverts the harsh LED light into something warmer and more pleasant and possibly more romantic – though that was not specified. Lighting companies are already using this coating method, making replacements for incandescent bulbs. Later plans include putting quantum dot technology in TVs, phones and other popular devices. As it turns out, this um, quantum leap comes to us via MIT researchers – again.

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