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Who studied music and English too? Who gives tech advice to me and you? Who took computer science at Yale? Mr. David Pogue. Who teaches classes in magic tricks? Who works on Broadway shows for kicks? Who’s written Dummies how to books? Mr. David Pogue. Okay, so the point is that David Pogue, personal technology columnist for the New York Times is a brilliant guy with a diverse range of education, experience and passion, along with a love for puns. He knows his stuff and anyone looking to extend their knowledge of technology over the Christmas shopping season would do well to listen to Pogue’s take on all things techno. This time he takes liberties with Clement Clark Moore’s poem.

“Like this! It’s a Nikon – I know, right? Big deal.
You call this a breakthrough? A camera? Get real!
But this one performs a spectacular stunt:
A tiny projector’s built right in the front!
For slideshows, the regular screen is too small,
But now you can point at a ceiling or wall!”

In addition to the aforementioned Nikon Coolpix, Pogue also recommends, MiFi or portable online for a fee, which he thinks is just fine because, “It is totally cool to be always online!” He likes the receipt scanner gizmo as well. “It studies the scan, fills the blanks one by one, Then spits out the finished report . . . and you’re done!” Then there are those Freehand gloves with trapdoors that free your fingers for touchscreen handling outdoors in the cold plus the Sonos S5 wireless speakers. And here is more:
If your loved one could stand to get slightly more fit,
But needs motivation, well, friends, this is it.
The Philips DirectLife, a wearable thing,
That measures your daily activity – bling!

It comes with a charger, a small USB,
That transfers your data to Mac or PC.
You follow your progress online, an approach
That’s assisted by tips from a personal coach.

Happy Christmas to all …. See the video here
Very Merry Pops

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