Rabbits run errands

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Rabbits run errands

Published on April 23, 2016 with No Comments

David J is a jack of all trades. He can pick up your bacon, fry it up in a pan, fix your stove if it’s broken, make a spreadsheet of your costs, and never let you forget, you’re the boss. Okay, it’s a corny little ditty but David J is for real. If you live in New York City and need a task done, this is where David J just might be your shining star. He is a Task Rabbit. And what on earth, you ask? Well, taskrabbit.com is the latest way to get analog help through the digital world. Task Rabbit matches people who are willing to do things (rabbits) with people who want to get things done (senders). Senders post the maximum they’re willing to pay and rabbits post the minimum they’re willing to accept. For now it’s only in New York, San Francisco, Boston and a couple of other cities with Chicago, Seattle and more to come.
Got a hungry dog? For a previously negotiated fee, a task rabbit will deliver your favorite brand of dog food for your favorite pooch to your home, office or hair salon. Get someone to assemble IKEA furniture, clean your bathroom, search the web for cheap airline tickets. All of it is possible with task rabbit. And how do you ever begin to trust a task rabbit. Ah well, the Task rabbit folks have that covered. Rabbits must pass a complex screening process that includes a criminal background check. Once a task is posted, it is assigned automatically to one of the bidders and the “sender” is notified that the “rabbit” is on duty. Along the way, there is a “running” contest where points are awarded just like in videogames. And, there’s an app.

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