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Fighting is ugly. Fancy moves are more for show than for the street. The true essence of martial arts is the ability to win a real world fight as quickly and easily as possible. Kung Fu San Soo is designed to end a fight quickly, using efficiency and technique rather than brute force or acrobatic movements.

2 Keys of Kung Fu San Soo

Versatality – Kung Fu San Soo is a versatile art. You will learn to be dynamic in a fight, learning to alter any attack or combination fluidly in response to your opponent.

Offense – A Kung Fu San Soo fighter does not always fight defensively. If a confrontation cannot be avoided, then the safest way to end a fight is to take the initiative to control or disable your opponent quickly and efficiently.  Superior initiative, superior tactics, superior training.

In addition to these, Kung Fu San Soo also increases your athleticism. Agility, balance, coordination: all of these and more are important aspects of martial arts, and as you progress, you’ll find you have much more control over your body.

Kung Fu San Soo is one of the best martial arts you can learn. It’s aggressive nature makes it perfect for self-defense, and its focus on movement and leverage means anyone, male or female, of any age can learn to use it effectively. And its emphasis on being fluid makes it a perfect complement to MMA fighting.

If you’re ready to learn a martial art that works, McCune’s Martial Arts is ready to teach you Kung Fu San Soo in Minneapolis. Sifu McCune is an 8th degree Black Belt in Kung Fu San Soo, the highest honor attainable. With his instruction, you will learn the most effective fighting style possible.

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