Reblorg wants you to upload ‘original’ content

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Just when you might have thought that everything fun to do on with the internet has been done already, along comes Reblorg. And that’s not a spelling error for something else. Reblorg is a site where creative people can upload content they would like to share with others. For now, within a hare’s breath of its launch Reblorg doesn’t have much in the form of content but what appears there is already an interesting mix of animated gifs. A hot dog surfing on a slice of pizza is somewhat entertaining. But we’ll have to stay tuned for more offerings by the creative community. It comes to us from Tumblr which has more than 64 million Tumblelogs – and a penchant for inventing words that sound like other words.

In announcing Reblorg, Tumblr rolled out a video by Next Media Animation. Next media Animation is a Taiwan based company (with offices in New York) which creates its own amusing version of the news in a style similar to The Daily Show, except with Chinese voices and English subtitles. Some of their recent “hits” include sendups of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce, NBC’s less than stellar coverage of the London Olympic Games and Michael Phelps winning the most Olympic Gold Medals ever. However, Reblorg launch video was not necessarily Next Media Animation’s original idea. For now Reblorg isn’t receiving rave reviews because well, there just isn’t much to review. But who knows, it could be the next Pinterest – and we all know what happened there.

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