Red birds, green birds and the Windows phone

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The red birds are either normal sized or giant sized. Size matters because when the red birds are launched, the bigger birds cause more damage than the smaller birds. The green birds can fly in the opposite direction like boomerangs but the blue birds can separate into three smaller birds. And all these characters can be found in the hugely popular iPhone and Android app, Angry Birds which has sold more than 6.5. million copies. So when Microsoft announced its launch of the Windows 7 phone, all eyes were out, looking for the birds. Could it be that the Angry Birds would now be on the Windows Phone and all would be chasing after them? Alas not true. The Angry Birds icon appearing on promotional images for the Windows phone was merely another technical mistake soon to be rectified. Now all are wondering if and when Microsoft will come to terms with the app’s developers and offer Angry Bird on its phone.
Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer was out and about announcing nine versions of the Windows Phone which they hope will be “delightful,” across “A range of hardware devices, through a range of scenarios, and a [range] of different software experiences.” Such a phone would indeed be home on the range. The nine versions of the Windows Phone will be offered by 60 mobile operators in 30 countries. The phones will incorporate a range of Microsoft products from Outlook to Zune to Xbox gaming, as well as social networking and more. Reviewers already are extolling its virtues and some even claim it’s delightful. Like the Windows PC, Microsoft believes the Windows Phone has the potential to be the phone of the common man, and woman and child who may not necessarily be of the geekly mindset.

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