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Reddit’s SOPA Blackout: Will Google and Facebook Follow Suit?

Reddit’s blackout is demonstrating “INYAFACE” opposition to SOPA campaign. Reddit co-founder Alexis “knothing” Ohanian is testifying on behalf of tech community to Congress, in response to SOPA potentially obliterating the tech industry with its overly aggressive anti-piracy campaign. Reddit boasts two billion page views monthly, and its unavoidable message will be felt by all of its users.
Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Other major players like Google and Facebook could potentially follow suit, which would significantly affect a larger audience and wider reach. Experts believe the Google/Facebook blackout could deliver the killing blow to SOPA. Do tech leaders have the ability to convince clueless lawmakers and a relatively tech-friendly President to dump this bill? Full story at Paul Tassi via Forbes