Reinventing the Book Business

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Reinventing the Book Business

Article Published by Ecommerce Times
By Jeff Kagan
E-Commerce Times
02/09/12 5:00 AM PT

The e-book revolution is changing the book publishing space quickly and completely. Whether you lead, follow, or are lost in the chaos of this new revolution is the only question. Readers love it. They have the choice of buying the old-fashioned way at a store, buying a book online, or buying an e-book instantly.

… Just as the iPod changed the music industry a decade ago, e-books are changing the publishing world right now. The rule book is being rewritten, and lessons in success and failure are coming from new and unexpected places.

… Look at all the brand new e-book publishing companies in the marketplace. Many of them are growing rapidly. This opens up opportunities for many other companies to support them as well. Many existing and brand new authors are finding their way to this new category.

Understanding this new world can be complicated. Some of these publishers work with both real books and e-books, while others just work with e-books. How you get paid from each is different as well. Understanding this changing industry can be a challenge to wrap your arms around, but this chaos is where new leaders are born.

… New Rules: Think of the marketplace as a giant pie with all sorts of slices. Even a tiny slice has a few million people in the United States and millions more worldwide. Most authors don’t have to be as popular as Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling to be successful.

Yesterday, publishers would have to preprint books in the thousands and try and convince bookstores to display them, front and center, in the hope they would be sold. This did not play to the author’s advantage. After a while, they would disappear, making room for the next wave of new books. Limited real estate in stores.

Today, things are much different. Today, there are publishers who will print one single book at a time. A customer finds the book online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or tons of other sites, orders the book, and a single copy is printed, shipped and delivered to the customer in about a week.

That is a complete remake of the old model. And that is for a hard copy of a book. What about e-books? They can be purchased online and downloaded immediately. You can be reading within moments.


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