Reinventing the wheels

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Word from the world of cosmetic enhancement indicates that nose jobs aren’t just for humans anymore. A car needs a face, said German car designer Peter Schreyer, as he explains the Tiger Nose, which he considers as the strong and distinctive, signature element in his recent car designs. But the identifying nose isn’t on an Audi or Volkswagen. Those brands are from his past. Schreyer pinned this nose on designs for Kia. Over the last few years, Schreyer’s design sensibility has migrated to the Korean car brand.

With his signature, all black outfits, including his Philippe Starck eyeglasses, Schreyer, who received training in transportation design, says he cannot avoid his inner German sensibilities when he embarks on a design project. This German-ness is important for the Kia folks as they attempt to popularize their brand in Europe. Europeans and Americans are thought to have different emotions with regard to the cars they buy. Regardless, with the new designs, Kia might ditch the brand’s budget-friendly image and move to more upscale pricing. Let’s see, the Audi, BMW or the Kia? The future has choices.

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