Republicans don’t like M&M’s?

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For all who have been wondering about the Red and the Blue of brands, Brandindex is here to give you the 4-1-1. At YouGov Brandindex they’ve surveyed Democrats, Independents and Republicans to figure out which brands are held in high esteem by each political demographic. When all the numbers were sliced, diced and analyzed, M&M’s, red, blue or other colors did not make it into the top ten of Republicans most favored brands. The top food brand on the Republican list went to Chick-fil-A at number five of that group’s most favored brands. Chick-fil-A made news when its CEO expressed support for “the biblical definition of a family unit.” The statement was widely criticized for being anti-gay. However, while General Mills was criticized for its pro gay-marriage stance, Republicans still listed Cheerios at number seven. Democrats had Cheerios at number three while Independents put it at number nine – sorry Count Chocula, they’re just not that into you.

The Democrats most favored brand is Google, while for Republicans it’s Fox News, and for Independents it’s Amazon. Independents also favored Google (5), while Republicans did not put it in their top ten list. Independents had more top favored brands in common with Republicans than with Democrats. All groups love Craftsman, Clorox and Cheerios – all of which begin with the letter, C, as Big Bird might say. As it turns out, YouGov Brandindex routinely surveys 1,100 consumer brands for brand health according to quality, value, general impression, satisfaction, reputation and willingness to recommend. Brandindex also routinely assembles these Red and Blue lists – what color are Independents? It is commonly thought that consumers don’t necessarily make purchases according to any brand’s ranking on the YouGov list but one might guess that Democrats don’t routinely tune in to Fox News. Still, it could be helpful for brands to know how they are perceived. But M&M’s? The red ones are cute.


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