RFID: Chip logic to the next level

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A cat walks up to a bar. But it’s really the door of the bar where the bouncer asks for the usual array of IDs and cover charge. But cats don’t carry purses or man bags and hence there is no place to stash cash or IDs. What the cat has is an RFID full of its data, which in any other bar would be cause for non-discussion. But this is no ordinary bar. This is a beach club in Spain where cats and humans in scant, beachy outfits don’t have a convenient, practical method of handling life’s little requirements, like cash and IDs.

By now it’s an old story of how the club has a nurse on hand, complete with hypodermic and anesthesia to dull the pain of implanting RFID chips that function as patron cards – think debit card, ID and pet finding system combined. Before you cringe, it’s only about the size of a rice grain. Now a night of wild dancing and other indulgences doesn’t mean packing luggage.

We all know RFID, around for a couple of decades, widely used for all sorts of applications. It’s tracking stolen Saguaro cacti, surgical sponges in and out of patients, Indian elephants and so much more. A while back, someone in England had the idea to implant RFIDs into some prisoners and release them to make room for other prisoners. Civil libertarians opposed.

So the cat walks up to the bar. This time it’s the actual bar. Bartender says, Hey – we don’t serve cats here. What a relief says the cat. You have no idea the problems of the cat world these days. First there was the cat that went to sleep in the satellite dish on top of a news truck, causing so much commotion. We don’t serve cats here, said the bartender, again. Hey. You’re mean, said the cat. You remind me of that guy who stuffed his girlfriend’s cat into a makeshift smoking device – let’s just say it rhymes with both words in Hong Kong. And with that the cat with his RFID intact, took off.

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