Richard Branson’s business mindset

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“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” This, says Richard Branson, is one of his favorite sayings. In case anyone forgot, this is Sir Richard Branson, fun loving and engaging founder of the notable Virgin Group of companies – but not affiliated with the Missouri town. Branson declares that this quote encompasses the advice he would give to young entrepreneurs, because it’s impossible to run a business without taking risks. “If you go into something expecting it to fail, nine times out of ten, it will.” Nothing comes without risks and even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur should be prepared to take a few hits along the way. At the same time, such risks should be calculated said Branson, because he’s seen too many entrepreneurs who do not plan for the “eventualities.”
Regrets? He’s had a few. But then again, he does not believe in dwelling on them. His mother taught him not to dwell on failures. Focusing on the things that go wrong is a form of sabotage. It takes energy that might otherwise be channeled into moving on to the next thing. “I never see a setback as a bad experience; it is just a learning curve.” He believes Virgin has been successful because of its ability to be flexible and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Bureaucracy can be like quicksand in the business world. And meanwhile, it’s important to be nice. His mother cautioned him against speaking ill of others. And when he was a boy, she would have him stand in front of a mirror whenever he was critical of others. Critical talk is a reflection of poor self-image. If Richard Branson says it, then how could it not be true?

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