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Traced back to its roots the word “guitar” originated from an ancient word for “string.” The word “Hero” in Greek mythology is a reference to a demi-God. And in today’s world the recently deceased Les Paul could be the closet thing we have to the string demi-God. In 1915 when he was born the world had just seen Babe Ruth hit his first home run and the neon tube for advertising was patented. While others were busy inventing the Mars Bar, frozen foods and a machine for decapitating fish, Les Paul went to work, inventing the mechanism that made the electric guitar possible. He was also among the first the use multi-track recording.

A place where Les Paul played

A place where Les Paul played

In his lifetime, Les Paul would see music performance, recording and listening evolve in ways no-one would have imagined. It is fitting therefore that Les Paul would live to see the Beatles music go from wax to CDs to digital and in a few weeks Beatles: Rock Band – the game will be released. Perhaps it’s ironic that in the game they won’t be playing real Les Paul guitars but rather fake instruments. Either way, it’s good to see that the old greats never die, they just appear in newer incarnations.

Around Austin Texas

Around Austin Texas

One interesting bit about the making of the new game involves the use of the old Beatles recording studio to recreate sound effects for the game. The recording engineer handed teacups and saucers to four people and instructed them to sip fake tea, or fake sipping tea, as the case may be, at the appointed time. The resulting recording would be incorporated into the background noise as the Beatles sipping tea. Who knew?
See slide show about making the game here: Beatles Rock Band

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