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If you’ve ever wished to be always online with Facebook chat, RockMelt is your best friend in the web browsing world. With several months of beta behind it, RockMelt is now for the iPhone also. So what does RockMelt do really? It promises that your life will be so much better because with it, you can Share easily, Search faster, Connect with your friends and Keep up with the news. And why? Because you are a social animal, always on Facebook, constantly Tweeting and ReTweeting, achieving check-in badges by the score and you need to know everything, the moment it happens. With RockMelt, which is based off the Chrome engine, you’re always on – Facebook, that is.
Facebook fans love that it displays your highest priority contacts on a left edge sidebar. When one of those friends posts new content on FB, a blue highlight appears around the avatar. Fans of this feature think it’s a great way to stay current with the most important people on your radar. Add a bookmark to something you’d like to read later and it’s synchronized on both your iPhone and your computer for ultimate mobility. However, as with anything else, RockMelt can be overwhelmed with volume. If you follow in high volume you’ll have clutter and then you’ll be frustrated trying to prioritize. Also, if you prefer not to sign up with your Facebook info, you can forget about RockMelt and it will forget you too.

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