Rocksmith: A game with real guitars

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Remember when Guitar Hero first came out? Everybody wanted one. It was fun to play around. But soon enough, if you’re anywhere near being a real guitar player, you were bored because Guitar Hero isn’t anything like real guitar playing. But now there’s Rocksmith. Actually, there is about to be Rocksmith because it won’t be in the marketplace until October. In any case, Rocksmith was designed to interface with real guitars and it promises that whether beginner or Jimi Hendrix, the game will adapt to your skill level and allow you to hone your guitar playing skills.
And yes folks, among the game’s tracks is the one and only, House of the Rising Sun so that you too can start where everyone else started. Rocksmith will be released in versions for PCs, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. No word on an iPad version but we’re sure someone or someone else is working on that. Whether you have a Stratocaster or an old acoustic gathering dust in your attic, Rocksmith promises that it can work with you. Simply plug your electric guitar into the game system or get the special adapter for a non-compatible guitar. No need for an amp as the game will work with your TV or Home Theater system. And soon enough you’ll be able to leave the guitar tabs behind and show off your newly found inner guitar hero. Sorry bass players, you’ll have to wait for a future iteration.

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