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French urban artist, Invader, just previewed his latest collection of work called “Low Fidelity.”  This works features a style he calls “Rubikubism” in which he uses the colored interfaces as pixels to create album covers, sculptures, drawings, and mosaics. Despite the simplistic quality, some of his work adds a high-tech element by integrating QR codes that take viewers to a predetermined URL when snapped utilizing a camera phone with decoding software.





Invader is most known for his street art.  Since 1998, starting in Pairs, Invader travels through Europe and the world posting up images inspired from 70’s Space Invaders games.  He is very strategic about where his art gets placed and photographes each piece and documents them as “invasions.”  He also has maps of where to find each invader. There’s even one on the Hollywood sign!



You never know where you might find street art so be on the lookout!

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