RVCA: Where edge and art make money

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There we were on the vast information highway in search of some type of raw aesthetic. And didn’t someone say life is a highway? We were driving for the sort of thing that refuses to be defined even as the world rushes in to grab on to it. Something with a strong sense of self. Then the luck of the road offered up RVCA, a brand that markets itself as part lifestyle, part skater and surfer chic, part music world, art world, martial art world and who knows what other world. It’s as if the founder threw everything into the kitchen sink, extracting bit by bit to arrive at an image in his head.

RVCA is cool and happening arty clothes for the, well, we just can’t define what set. Maybe it’s you. Founder of RVCA, PM Tenore is a surfer turned fashion designer who decided that instead of copycat art on his designs, he would feature the work of actual artists. Of course we love a guy with a soul. To be sure this could be but is not necessarily a guy with soul. But wait. There’s more. Tenore has also been known to donate to an artist’s favorite charity. Additionally there is fundraising for the artists network program (ANP).

It used to be that artist and starving went together until the artist died and then the work was magically more valuable. But before you go killing off all the artists, you should know that RVCA manages to monetize rather handsomely. The company went from one of those now famous California garages in 2001 to 70,000 square foot digs, and close to $50 million in revenue. Did someone say do what you love and the money would follow?

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