Sand garden: The Zen of apps

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Sand garden: The Zen of apps

Published on January 22, 2017 with 1 Comment

In the heart of App Country, buried deep, so deep, is a tiny little app called Sand Garden. As its name suggests, Sand Garden allows you to create a three-dimensional sand garden by placing stones and raking sand around it, in the style of traditional Japanese-style, Zen gardens. Change the sand color. Change the size, shape and color of the stones. In the end you’ll have a uniquely yours, sand garden. It could be like dust in the wind, only for a moment or it could stay around for a while. You get to decide.
Fans of Zen gardens believe its minimalist nature appeals to our need for order and silence in a chaotic world. It pleases our subconscious and it can be restorative, allowing us to face the world and its pressing life matters with calmness. That may seem like a tall order for sand and rocks but the Zen garden has a long history. The word Zen is a Japanese translation of a Chinese translation of a Sanskrit word for meditation. Did you follow that?
Zen priests are said to engage in raking as a way of focusing their concentration as they attempt to achieve perfection. The wavy lines of the rake “wake” imitates ripples on the water. The stones represent mountains and islands among other natural elements. Such a garden is a work of art as the Zen garden is said to represent scenes of Chinese landscape paintings. But now such ancient philosophy has come into the twenty-first century as app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And just in case everyone doesn’t aspire to restorative calmness, be assured there’s an app for that too – Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior. Everybody likes Kung Fu fighting.

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  1. I’ve always thought it would be neat to have a Zen Garden on my desk. I believe it brings in an atmosphere of creativity and calmness in the midst of chaos. We had an attorney who seemed stressed alot of the time and my co-worker bought him a Zen Garden for Christmas. I’m not sure he used it though, but I thought it was a great idea.