Sand Out of The Hourglass

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If you were a sculptor, would you rather sculpt with sand or ice? Ice comes in blocks and can be melted, chiseled and sawn into shapes. Sand on the other hand comes in grains and they don’t stick together very well. This is probably why they’re so much better for the hourglass than ice. But in the hands of artists sand can be something more. Using ordinary beach sand and measured amounts of water, sand sculptors figure out how to make the grainy material behave like a solid. Lately, sand artists have even formed a business model around sand sculpting, to provide impact and inspire awe at corporate events and product launches. Not only is there a sand advertising agency, there are also opportunities for corporate teams to hold team building events with sand sculpture as an activity.
Sudarshan Pattnaik, a sand artist from India started out creating sand sculptures at the beach when he was around seven. Since then his art has evolved and now he is recognized worldwide not only for the beauty and detail of his sculptures but also for his use of the art to pay tribute and issue calls to action.


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