Sell goods with virtual currency

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You’re deep into Farmville or Tap Fish or Tap Birds or Tap Tulips, as the case may be when a screen pops up – Download Tap Rainbows and earn free bucks. And you can use these free bucks to purchase more fish or bird or flowers, all just for checking out some new game that could capture your attention. Those free “bucks,” or Facebook credits, known as virtual currency help you advance in the game. On the other hand, your favorite retailers try to get you back into their stores with coupons, free items and other offers. Now the company, Ifeelgoods is merging the two concepts by helping retailers offer virtual goods to online customers. Spend $50 at a store and get free coins or Facebook credits.
Recognizing that the future is digital, Ifeelgoods notes that retailers can capitalize on their customers social networking habits by using this new sales tool. It turns out that 40 percent of all time spent on Facebook is social gaming. And most social gamers aren’t kids. They are more likely to be 43 year-old women – at least 55 percent of social gamers. Coincidentally, this is the same demographic most affiliated with online shopping. Meanwhile, the Ifeelgoods people believe digital currency has a broader appeal than traditional promotions. As a result, they will partner with the makers of social games to make virtual currency available to retailers who will then offer such incentives to their customers. So eventually, when the Farmer in the Dell takes a wife, the wife will play Farmville and Target will offer her coins so she can buy premium farm decorations. Everybody wins.

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