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If you can throw a ball, you can learn to throw a boomerang too! Boomerangs are thrown with the same basic overhand throw used in most other sports. With a little practice (and these instructions) you will be throwing and catching your boomerang in no time.

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Successfully throwing a boomerang is a learned skill, like hitting a golf ball or throwing a disc. It should take a few throws and maybe even a few throwing sessions before you are able to have your boomerang consistently return to you.

A typical wooden returning boomerang


  • Get any boomerang.
  • Find a large, open area.
  • Watch out for wind.
  • Start with the proper grip. The two main grips are the cradle grip and the pinch grip.
  • Keep the layover angle (or angle of release) slightly less than perpendicular to the horizon.
  • Throw the boomerang horizontally, or up to 20 degrees above the horizon.
  • Catch the boomerang.

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