Shh, the printer is talking

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Shh, the printer is talking

Published on July 07, 2016 with No Comments

For the longest time digital photographs were arrested from development, imprisoned in desktops and laptops old and new, gathering digital dust on portable hard drives, compact discs and flash drives. Then came dedicated photo printers aimed at remedying this problem. While various brands of photo printers are recognized for their numerous technological advancements, Canon has changed the game with a printer that talks. Make that, a printer that gives “voice guidance.” For everyone who hates to read directions, the Canon SELPHY ES40 talks you through the printing process at the push of a button.
A few savvy, tech users have taken issue with the idea that such a product assumes a certain level of unfamiliarity with the workings of technology. Who needs the talking printer? By this time printers are already user-friendly enough. This talking thing borders on downright flirtation, and who needs a flirting printer? Okay, they didn’t say flirtation. Either way, the folks at Canon have said they believe consumers are looking for ease-of-use and as such, the talking printer is a fine way to address this. No word on whether the printer goes into “recalculating” mode when you make the wrong move.
Beyond the talking point, the ES40 claims include, printing in 16.4 million colors with photo quality that will last 100 years. And it is fast. A postcard sized print in less than a minute. It prints from several storage devices, computer optional and it’s light enough to be carried around. Another Canon printer designed with portability in mind is the SELPHY CP79 – shouldn’t these have more creative names? CP79 comes with a basket. Yes, a basket for carrying ink cartridges, paper, adapters and what not. All of which means, that for a couple hundred dollars, your photo-printer can be your new party-animal buddy – if your idea of partying includes printing the evidence.

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