Shirt tucking and other manly stuff

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Shirt tuck-in. Should you or shouldn’t you? And perhaps it isn’t so much about whether you should or shouldn’t but about avoiding the extra-tight-tuck-in. Button down shirts supposedly have an unflattering cut that just isn’t for the average American male. That is, unless he is the svelte, “lean, mean fighting machine.” As for T-shirts, your note to self here, should be – Never, ever, in a thousand years. End of discussion. Jerseys? Again, not! Unless you’re the athlete and it’s your number on that jersey. Rumor has it that men with tightly, tucked-in jerseys tend to be the ones asking for spare change. As for sweaters? Same as jerseys. Ouch. So tuckers, everywhere, beware. And tight tuckers? Beware even more. Everybody hang loose. And now you wonder, what’s up with that?
Such advice for the every man comes from, “The real man’s magazine, a guide for the jack of all trades trying to be better – at work and at home, as a father and as a husband.” At this site you’ll find the Ultimate Mac & Cheese recipe as well as body maintenance for the “aging” man, and tips on diaper changing from “Pregnant Lady.” The point of this is that men are playing a bigger role in grocery shopping, diaper changing and house cleaning. One survey notes that 51 percent of men say that they are the grocery shoppers for their households, yet the majority of grocery advertising is aimed at women. When a woman heads out on Girls Night Out or Weekend Out, is there. And men, if you’re trying to pick up women on your next flight – don’t floss or clip your fingernails on the plane.

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