Shoot Now, Focus Later

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So you finally get the chance to pull your photos up on your computer screen and – oh no. The critical shot is blurry. What do you do? Well, if yours is a conventional digital camera, nothing. You just have to let out a few choice swearwords and live with the regret that you didn’t use manual focus or autofocus, as needed for the scene. But in the very near future that won’t be necessary. Thanks to new technology from Lytro, the promised camera will capture the color, intensity and direction within the camera’s field of view. Because of this, the image will have more information and you will be able to adjust the focus later on.
The Lytro camera technology was compared to an audio recording where recording all the musicians on one track is like the conventional digital camera, whereas recording the musicians on different tracks allows you to manipulate them independently, and that’s like Lytro. In images on its photo gallery, Lytro demonstrates how you can change the focus from the background to the foreground and vice-versa, after the fact. While some think this is a pretty cool idea, investigative minds have concluded that the fascinating Lytro technology applies only to a few key, “focal” points in an image. Plus, if your photo is blurry because you didn’t use a tripod and your hands were shaking, well, rumor is there’s no correction for that. Lytro plans to release its cameras later this year.

Check out Lytro demos here

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