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Will you be pretty? Will you be rich? Well if those are the types of things you want to know, go find a psychic. On the other hand, if you’re trying to work with your finances over the holiday season, there are a couple of apps to help you with that. Interpreting the tea leaves of electronic purchasing is now easier than ever with Decide for iPhone – as seen on National Public Radio. Decide is thought to be data-mining at its finest, scouring the wide world of information to let you know if the price of that that camera, computer or TV set will drop just after you buy it. For now you should buy the iPhone, the MacBook Air and the Kindle Fire, but hold off on the Samsung 55 inch LED television. Buy or wait. That’s what Decide tells you, and it’s worth it. If you don’t have an iPhone, just log on for the same information.

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But what if you didn’t go with Decide or they didn’t have your specific item? What if you bought that favored item and within the blink of an eye the price dropped? Now you don’t have to kick yourself or throw shoes at the wall. There’s another app for you. Savvy is an app that helps you get a refund with just a photo of the receipt. And if you’re the type to set a price and wait for it, or wait for deals before buying, Savvy can help with that too – but it’s not be confused with ShopSavvy which is also a shopping app. These are just a couple of the numerous app options for shopping. If you like this type of thing, you may also like, Red Laser, Shopkick, CompareMe, Google Shopper, Save Benjis and of course Amazon has a few apps too. But that’s not all, there’s Slick Shopper and of course, TGI Black Friday. We know we’ve missed a few so feel free to suggest.


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